Friends of Acupuncture Arts NYCWelcome to Acupuncture Arts NYC, with offices in Manhattan’s Union Square and Hudson Valley’s Catskill, NY.

Helping people create a life of balance and harmony is the goal for NY acupuncturist, Adrienne Smith.

Modern lifestyles can be challenging and overwhelming. Emotional stress from work and family, odd hours, performance expectations, and repetitive physical activities can cause injury and disease, resulting in acute or chronic symptoms that manifest not only in our bodies, but also in our minds. We need to be creative in how we juggle our health, career, and home life.

My mission with Acupuncture Arts is to educate you and support the challenges of keeping up with today’s lifestyles.

How Can Acupuncture Work for You?

It is important to work with “healthy” people in prevention,  as well as those who are struggling with pain, or suffering from a chronic condition.

Think of acupuncture and the theories of Chinese medicine as a very simple and practical approach to health care. When the body is in balance and your immune system is strong, you have energy, you are free from disease, and you do not catch colds or flus. Both life and stress are easier to handle, your emotions are balanced, and your overall effectiveness at work and in your home life is at a high level.

Acupuncture, a proper diet for your constitution, and lifestyle management can help you maintain the state of balance your body craves. This will give you optimum health and help you avoid disease. Learn more about how acupuncture can help you.